Spencer Berry


designer trick inventor

I was a professional yoyo player from 2001-2008.

I have invented at least 50 tricks.

I conceived, designed and produced two unique yoyo designs, Walter and Theodore. These are made domestically, through people who can meet my standards of quality, design, and communication.

I love skill toys. I enjoy cubing, juggling, diabolo, puzzles and tactile toys of all sorts.


  • Researched and secured my own production pipeline, including engineering, manufacturing and finishing
  • Recorded and documented 53 of my own tricks, as part of 365 yoyo tricks project (down at the moment, due to music rights issues)
  • Invited to judge a range of yoyo contest, including Finnish Nationals
  • Sponsored by Duncan Toys for many years
  • Briefly ran my own yoyo website in 2001, using Dreamweaver
  • Some flattering web press: [Interview] [Play like a wild man][Video Interview]

Next Steps

  • I have some Theodores to plate in copper, with custom cases from Artifact

  • Shoot tutorials for some of my tricks and make a trick dictionary

  • A third yoyo design is coming, Alice