Spencer Berry

Motion Pictures

writer director

I found deep satisfaction in creating my own moving imagery, from my teen years.

It began as a way to share my yoyo tricks with the world, earning a sponsorship from Duncan Toys.

Quickly my interests evolved into more complex ideas, including stop motion and narrative abstraction. My obsession with cinema eventually led me to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Motion Picture Directing with a side focus on writing.

I’ve practiced all aspects of pre, post and production, with a lot of healthy delegation and subconscious searching creativity.


  • Self-taught in my teens to promoting my yoyo tricks and ideas
  • Won an underground video contest with my first stop motion project
  • Attended film school and directed two short films on 16mm, with a full crew
  • Overcame countless challenges to achieve directorial vision, such as securing next level locations, collaborating with talented cast and crew, and orchestrating crews of 20+

Next Steps

  • Always share trick ideas with the world

  • Create and organize a yoyo dictionary for the tricks I’ve created over the years

  • Upload and organize the rest of my (slightly embarrassing) earlier work

  • I’d love to re-color the Snout and make a more polished final cut

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