Spencer Berry


pico-8 lua itch.io

This was my first complete pico-8 game, a sort of vertical infinite runner.

I’ve always loved parallax and thought it was a perfect way to elevate an otherwise simplistic design. The combination of lofi with smooth and reactive animation can be surprisingly satisfying.

Try to fly as high as you can while dodging the ravens.

PICO-8 is a virtual console.


  • Parallax layers that can easily be tweaked
  • Organizing the environment and palette in a way that makes tinkering and balancing easy
  • Birds are smoothly animated and sound like bit birds
  • Smooth camera that has some intelligent design to it

Next Steps

  • Add a worm protagonist

  • I had an idea for a chief bird who lurks about and delivers the end

  • A burnout effect could be fun, for players who smash too hard on the thrust

  • Some weather effects for higher levels