Spencer Berry

Moderation: Ghosts of a Vegetarian

2015 May 15

I was vegan once.

For 13 months.

I think in veganism, there are three main reasons: health, animal rights, and the environment.

I remember feeling empowered by veganism.  People joke about you never have to ask if someone’s vegan because they will tell you. It is a broad generalization, but often true.

For me, I was proud because I was challenged by it.  It made me question everything I put into my mouth. I searched for things with short, understandable ingredients lists. I read every box, every label, everything.

Since I quit veganism, I pretty much went completely the opposite way, averaging 2-3 servings of meat per day. Almost every meal, especially when eating out, would involve some kind of meat. I wasn’t intentionally over-indulging in meat, I just didn’t think about it - now that I’m not vegan, I can eat whatever I want, right?

The environment is still important to me, as are animal rights (okay, I guess health is too).

Recently I’ve been eating mostly vegetarian. I’m not a vegetarian, or even a pescatarian (that’s what you call fish+vegetable folk, right?), because I will eat meat.

That said, I think this is a good addition to my moderation practice. I can lower my carbon footprint, stay aware of what I am put into my body, but also not feel like I can only eat french fries when I go out to a meat-heavy restaurant.

Plus, the next time I have a steak, it is going to be an extra special treat.

*featured image is not quite related - but walking home one day I noticed dozens of bouncy balls covered the street and took this shot.